An Outlandish Collaboration

Over this past weekend, we released our first ever collaboration with Little Bitty Delights and The Handmaker’s Bag.  This collaboration included a skein of an Outlander-inspired colorway, Standing Stones, and a matching Standing Stone stitch marker created by Amanda Anson of Little Bitty Delights.  There was also the option to add on and Outlander-inspired project bag from The Handmaker’s Bag.  It has been such a pleasure to work with Amanda on this project and (SPOILER ALERT) we are so excited for our next collaboration coming in the very near future.

Although this blog post is a little late, we have still been receiving quite a few questions about out collaboration, so I thought I would take a few minutes to write up a blog post and answer some questions you may have.

The Standing Stone Kit includes one skein of our Standing Stones colorway on your choice of Worsted or Standard Sock base and one stitch marker from Little Bitty Delights.  If you would like to add the project bag to your kit it is listed in a separate listing.  As of right now, the project bag can only be purchased as an add-on.  You must purchase a Standing Stones Kit in order to purchase an Outlander-inspired project bag.  If you purchase the project bag without purchasing the kit your order will be cancelled.  However, there is good news if you are just wanting to purchase the project bag separately!  The Outlander-inspired project bags should be available for sale as a stand-alone item later this month at The Handmaker’s Bag.

We are so grateful for all of the interest we have had in our collaboration.  At the time of writing, there are currently only four kits left in the shop – two on Standard Sock and two on Worsted.  You can order yours here. I’ve also included links to all of the shops mentioned in this post below.  We also want to thank all of our customers for their orders and supporting our shop!

Twigs + Twine Yarn Co.

Shop and Blog Links

Twigs + Twine Yarn Co.   Shop

The Handmaker’s Bag    Shop    Blog

Little Bitty Delights   Shop   Blog


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