Be Our Guest: The Beauty and the Beast Inspired Collection

Our Beauty and the Beast inspired collection is coming to the shop this weekend! Unfortunately, we do have to push the update back one day, but life happens.  This will be a small update and everything is limited edition.

The first item is a 100 gram sock skein and a stitch marker from Amanda of Little Bitty Delights. This set is called “With Her Nose Stuck in a Book” and is based off of the scene in the village where the characters sing “Belle.”  Amanda is such a dream to work with and her clay stitch markers are truly incredible! If you have not had the opportunity to check out Amanda’s stitch markers — go check out her etsy shop! (The Earl the Sheep stitch markers are the cutest!)  The marker that Amanda has made for us is incredibly intricate and detailed.  It also includes a lever back so it can be used as a stitch marker or a progress keeper!  I think this set would be great for socks, but I can’t wait to see what everyone decides to knit with it.

The second item in our update is a Beauty and the Beast inspired mini skein set! I am so excited about this set and I may have to snag one for myself.  In this set you will receive a total of five mini skeins of sock yarn weighing ten grams each.  Each mini skein is based off of a character in the movie.  I can’t share a photo of these just yet, but I will let you in on the five characters that will be in this set.

  1. Belle
  2. The Beast
  3. Gaston
  4. Mrs. Potts
  5. Lumiere

It was so hard only choosing five characters for this, but it has been so much fun to put this set together! These would be great to add to a cozy memories blanket or even some Beauty and the Beast scrappy socks!

The update will be Sunday, March 12 at 12 :00 PM PST! The Beauty and the Beast inspired collection is limited edition and will most likely not be brought back to the shop.  This will also be our only shop update for the month of March, but we will be back in April with some new and exciting things in our shop!  As always, follow us on Instagram for more updates and sneak peeks.


Katherine & Sarah

Twigs + Twine Yarn Co.


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