There’s Nothing Better Than a Good Pair of Socks

In January of 2017 I made it my goal to learn how to knit socks – and then life happened.  I got distracted by new patterns, several of my friends and family members announced they were having babies, and I got married.  Needless to say, the goal of learning to knit socks kind of got pushed to the side.

Then in November I decided I really wanted to focus on learning to make socks.  I chose to make baby socks first using the Baby Socks pattern by Kate Atherly.  It took me several tries and the better part of a month, but I finally accomplished a pair of newborn socks.  I planned on giving them to my daughter for her baby doll and then they didn’t even fit. Ha!

In December, after Homerow Fiber announced her 2018 Make Nine Challenge, I decided that I wanted my own pair of socks.  I chose the Hermione’s Everyday Sock pattern by Erica Lueder and then after making my list, I just couldn’t wait to cast on.  I even stole a skein of yarn in the Wisteria colorway from our first shop update! Even though I knew how socks were made now I wasn’t sure how long this would take me and I figured it still might be a couple of months before I had my first pair of socks.  Goodness – I was wrong!image1

The first sock flew off my needles! I could not wait to get them done.  I finished the first sock in less than a week, but then I developed a slight case of Second-Sock Syndrome.  I joked around that I was going to be known as “One Sock Sarah” – hey it would make a catchy hashtag! Luckily, the Second-Sock Syndrome didn’t last long because I really wanted a pair of socks!  The second sock did take me a little longer, but two weeks after I started my first real sock I had a finished pair.

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

I promise these socks really are the same length.

I never thought that I would consider myself to be a sock knitter or even really enjoy it, but now I’m addicted and I can’t stop! I’m even participating in the Woolberry Fiber Co. Scrappy Sock KAL and I know that there will be many more socks in my future.

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