Go For the Gold

In about a week, on February 8th, the Winter Olympics begin.  I can’t really tell you why but I don’t really enjoy watching the summer Olympics all that much but I do like to watch the Winter Olympics.  Which seems rather strange considering I’m not a skier or any other winter sport kind of person.  Nope, if we’re going to a ski lodge you will find me curled up by the fire in the lodge with my knitting and a nice warm cup of hot chocolate.  I’ll leave the slopes and moguls to anyone not afraid of breaking a leg.

To celebrate the Olympics Ravelry hosts the Ravellenics.  What is the Ravellenics you ask?  Well…for a complete description you can click on over to Ravelry but basically it’s a fun way for knitters, crochets and spinners to participate in the Olympics, sort of.  There are different events like Cowl Curling, Sock Hockey and Shawl Skating.  You pick your event, create a project page using the special Ravely Ravellenics tag, cast on during or anytime after the opening ceremonies and cross the finish line (complete your project) by the end of the closing ceremonies.  If you finish your event you earn a (virtual) medal.  There are teams you join but you don’t have to.  You can compete on your own.  But it’s just one more way to make it fun.

I will be participating in this years Ravellenics in the Sock Hockey event and perhaps WIP Dancing.  We’ll have to see how fast I can knit a pair of socks first.  I have no idea considering I’ve never finished a pair.  I also joined the team Grandma’s Hands.  It’s a small group of ladies (all grandmothers) and I’ve been enjoying chatting and getting to know them.

Yarn of the Month

Each month we will be introducing a new colorway along with a matching mini skein set.  And what better way to kick it off than with the perfect Olympic colorway.

Photo Feb 02, 2 56 45 PM

This is Go For the Gold.  Gorgeous Red, White and Blue with just a hint of gold.

Photo Feb 02, 5 08 05 PM

The matching mini skein set includes 5 (20g) mini skeins in red, white, blue, gold and silver.

These will be in the shop on February 3rd at 4:00 PM Pacific.

So whether you’re an Olympic athlete, aspire to be one or just like to watch them on T.V you can knit like one.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think about these new colorways and if you plan to participate in the Ravellenics.  And if you are what event will you be participating in?

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